I believe you were uniquely created with gifts, passions and a purpose that are meant to be cultivated and shared!

I’m Valerie, the life behind Val Marlene Creative! I’m married to Mark, my college sweetheart, best friend and business partner and Ellie is our adorable, crazy, fluffy puppy. I’m so excited that you’ve found me, because I believe in YOU. I believe that you were uniquely created with gifts and passions and a purpose!

I also believe that in the creative industry, we are better together! I’ve been through so many stages of burnout and hopelessness where I felt like I was the only one and would never see success - but that was a straight up lie. Friend, you are not alone and you absolutely can live a balanced life as a creative entrepreneur and reach your goals! I am passionate about walking alongside creative entrepreneurs as they navigate the many seasons of business and entrepreneurship while maintaining sanity.

I believe it is vital that I connect with my clients on a personal level, which is why I don’t take every client that comes my way. I believe you deserve the absolute best fit in a coach who will help you dream big and reach your goals. 

So, before you reach out, there are a few things you should know about me!


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