Google Drive Spreadsheet Templates

Get your numbers under control with these Google Drive spreadsheet templates! Let the formulas do the work for you tell those numbers who's boss!


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- Duo

“It was such a relief to just be able to plug the numbers into the spreadsheets to see everything laid out and know that it will work.”

a simple personal budget template to help you figure out how much money you need to make each month PLUS a sinking fund calculator


a quick look at how many months of expenses and salary you will have covered at any given time based on your expected income + expenses


a calculator to tell you where your money needs to go based on your percentages when you get paid


a way to project and estimate what quantity of each of your offerings you need to sell in order to meet your salary goal and business overhead costs

Annual Estimator (multiple versions)

a breakdown of what your offerings include, the expenses associated and how to distribute the income to cover your different financial responsibilities

job expense

a log of all the expenses you pay in your business regardless of how many clients/bookings/sales you have

overhead expense breakdown

Here's what you'll get:

the hard truth is, if you own your own business you HAVE to get it figured out.

Add the fact that accounting processes and terminology are not the most clear or natural concepts just fuel the fire. 

we Creatives are often more of a right-brain crew, which can often make numbers really hard to understand.

You NEED to know what your expenses are, what you can and can’t afford and what you need to charge in order to make all those ends meet. This is not something a bookkeeper or tax accountant does for you. This is the job of the CFO (chief financial officer), which if you’re an entrepreneur, is just one of the million hats you have to wear. 

You’re busy, but you never feel caught up with your work.

You’re selling out your offers, but you’re not seeing it reflected in your bank account.

Your business looks good on paper, but it doesn’t feel good on the inside.

and more!


It’s important for you to know, this did not come naturally to me. I AM the stereotypical creative who has a million ideas, has a hard time focusing and still uses her fingers to count sometimes. 🤪

What does that mean for you? That truly 1000% if I can do it so can you.

It may not be without a little blood, sweat and tears, but you really can do this.

With the help of my husband, I have worked really hard through many tears and mind explosions to create Google Drive templates that have helped me to price, plan and manage the numbers in my business. Get to know me more ⟶

Created by me, Val, With help from my spreadsheet-wiz husband, Mark

Take a peek inside

Copywriter + Educator


“I used to avoid looking at my numbers because I didn’t want to feel restricted 🙈 but your spreadsheets have given me FREEDOM to plan and pivot as my business evolves and I feel like I CAN do it! It’s empowering! They are very easy to use. I use them for 1:1 services and my membership.”

I feel like I CAN do it! It’s empowering!

Wedding Photographer


“I am not a spreadsheet person, I like to be organized, but spreadsheets are not my forte, so to be able to plug those numbers in and say, “Okay, I have this amount of money in savings. How far will that take me? How much money do I need to make in order to keep hitting these income goals?” I don’t think I even realized that you could do that, as silly as that may sound. Every month I don’t have to start from scratch and hustle and figure it out. I can have a longer term plan for things.”

"I can have a longer term plan"

Wedding Photographer


"The financial spreadsheets are SO helpful!"


let's do this.