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  • Business Fund Calculator Spreadsheet
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What's Included

A pricing calculator that reveals what you’re actually making and whether or not your pricing is profitable. Use this to check the health of your pricing and to make sure you’re covering your costs and profiting with every sale. Also includes a gift budget sheet.

What it is

Profitable Pricing Calculator


Can I afford to give myself a raise?

Can I afford to.... (ex: buy this course, attend this workshop, upgrade my computer, hire a VA?)

Can I afford to pay myself through my off-season?

How much cash will I have on hand in March?

How many months can I pay myself my salary if I don't get any new bookings?

How many months can I pay all my business expenses if I don't get any new bookings?

Questions this spreadsheet answers:

Duo Collective

"It was such a relief to just be able to plug the numbers into the spreadsheets to see everything laid out and know that it will work."

This spreadsheet allows you to know how many months you will be able to pay yourself and cover your business expenses based on what you already have booked at any given time.

What You'll Learn

 Aka: this spreadsheet = peace of mind 😉

For many businesses, income fluctuates and there are busy seasons and slow seasons, which means you don’t have consistent income year round. This means you need to plan and save for the slower months. This spreadsheet helps show you how many months you will be able to pay yourself and cover your business expenses if you separate your income into percentages and pay yourself a set amount each month. It also allows you to test whether or not you can afford an investment or a salary raise.

Why It's Important

Enter your information to see a clearer picture of your finances and assess the situation. This leads to informed decision-making and life-changing clarity!

Fill it in

Your first step will be to create a copy of the spreadsheet to your own Google Drive account so you can fill in your data.

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After your purchase, you'll get immediate access to the spreadsheet template with a detailed guide and walkthrough video to help you get started!

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