• Overhead Expense Breakdown Spreadsheet
  • Integrated Business Fund Calculator
  • Detailed User Guide PDF
  • Spreadsheet Walkthrough Video

What's Included

A log of all the expenses you pay in your business to give you a clear picture of your Cost of Doing Business. It also includes a business fund calculator to prepare you for long term + large investments.

What it is

Overhead Expense Breakdown


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What is my business overhead?

How much am I spending to run my business every month?

How much am I spending to run my business every year?

How much should I be saving every month so I can pay my annual expenses without stress?

How much would I need to save every month in order to make _______ investment every year?

How much would I need to save every month/year in order to upgrade my equipment every ___ years?

Questions this spreadsheet answers:

Duo Collective

"Val's incredible spreadsheets allow us to manage our business like a true CFO. They helped us to best understand when we could quit our 9-5's and still pay ourselves. This took the nerves away and gave us permission to pursue our dreams."

After completing this spreadsheet, you should know how much money you need to allocate on an annual and monthly basis to cover all your expenses that are not directly associated with a job or product.

This spreadsheet will also help you break down your annual expenses into a monthly amount. This shows you how much to save throughout the year for your annual expenses so you’re ready for those big, once-a-year bills. If you are expecting and saving for these expenses throughout the year, it won’t be as overwhelming to pay those bills.

What You'll Learn

In order to make sure your pricing covers your costs, you need to know exactly what all your costs are, including your monthly and annual overhead expenses that are not directly related to your product or service. This is your cost of doing business and is where we typically overspend the most.

Knowing these numbers will empower you to make wise financial decisions and plan ahead for the investments you need and want to make in your business!

Why It's Important

Enter your information to see a clearer picture of your finances and assess the situation. This leads to informed decision-making and life-changing clarity!

Fill it in

Your first step will be to create a copy of the spreadsheet to your own Google Drive account so you can fill in your data.

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After your purchase, you'll get immediate access to the spreadsheet template with a detailed guide and walkthrough video to help you get started!

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