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creatives + finances don’t mix, right? 


Organic Marketing Agency

- Duo

"Val's incredible spreadsheets allow us to manage our business like a true CFO. They helped us to best understand when we could quit our 9-5's and still pay ourselves. This took the nerves away and gave us permission to pursue our dreams."

But girl, you can TOTALLY rock that look!

You NEED to know what your expenses are, what you can and can’t afford and what you need to charge in order to make all those ends meet. This is not something a bookkeeper or tax accountant does for you. This is the job of the CFO (chief financial officer), which is one of the million hats you wear as an entrepreneur.

the hard truth is, if you own your own business you HAVE to get it figured out.

To add fuel to the fire, accounting processes and terminologies are NOT the most clear or natural concepts. 

We creatives are often stereotypically more of a right-brain crew, which can often make numbers really hard to understand.


and dozens more!

If you want to build a healthy business that serves you in all areas of life, you’ve got to get your finances under control.

Financial freedom might take a little sweat and maybe even some tears, but you really can do this!

That truly 1000% if I can beat the finance overwhelm with a true creative, allergic-to-numbers brain, YOU CAN TOO.

What does that mean for you?

I AM the stereotypical creative who has a zillion ideas, is easily distracted by pretty things and still uses her fingers to count sometimes. 🤪 And yet, at the same time, knowing my numbers has allowed me to take 2 maternity leaves in 2 years, get significant quarterly bonuses, take multiple all inclusive vacations, and even have a guilt-free monthly coffee budget. Even with all that + multiple raises, I haven’t taken a paycut since I started paying myself monthly 5 years ago.  

Finances did not come naturally to me. 

I need you to know something.

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Copywriter + Educator


“I used to avoid looking at my numbers because I didn’t want to feel restricted 🙈 but your spreadsheets have given me FREEDOM to plan and pivot as my business evolves and I feel like I CAN do it! It’s empowering! They are very easy to use. I use them for 1:1 services and my membership.”

"I feel like I CAN do it! It’s empowering!"

Wedding Photographer


“I am not a spreadsheet person, I like to be organized, but spreadsheets are not my forte, so to be able to plug those numbers in and say, “Okay, I have this amount of money in savings. How far will that take me? How much money do I need to make in order to keep hitting these income goals?” I don’t think I even realized that you could do that, as silly as that may sound. Every month I don’t have to start from scratch and hustle and figure it out. I can have a longer term plan for things.”

"I can have a longer term plan"




"Your spreadsheets make me feel like an actual CFO and give me peace of mind making decisions for my business! I use the Overhead Expense Breakdown, Annual Estimator and Profitable Pricing Calculator religiously. I call them my financial trifecta because they help me to be confident in my pricing, set realistic quarterly and annual goals and have clarity in planning what business success looks like for me."

Join my implementation-focused online course + community where I’ll walk you through every step to ditch the numbers overwhelm, manage your money with confidence, give yourself a raise and make a profit every time!

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Organize your costs + SIMPLIFY TAXES with the Expense Tracker Spreadsheet

Free Starter Spreadsheet

Organize your costs + SIMPLIFY TAXES with the Expense Tracker Spreadsheet

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