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What's Included

A detailed log of your business spending with categories and totals. Use this to categorize (and total!) all your transactions to make taxes easier.

What it is

Expense Tracker



How much money have I spent so far this year?

How much money have I spent on education so far this year?

How much money did I spend in cash this year?

Where do I spend the most of my business money?

Questions this spreadsheet answers:


"Val's spreadsheets make me feel like an actual CFO and give me peace of mind making decisions for my business!"

Exactly how much money you have spent overall in your business and how that spending breaks down per tax category. You’ll be able to see how much you’ve spent on Postage, Education, Client Gifts, etc.. at any given time.

What You'll Learn

We need to report our spending accurately in order to pay the least amount of money in taxes. Categorizing your expenses is a task you will have to complete regardless, so it should be simple and easy to keep up with. Not only is it important to put your expenses into tax categories for when you file your income taxes, but it also helps you to have a clear picture of your spending as you go. This makes it easier to stay on budget and monitor your business spending.

Why It's Important

Enter your information to see a clearer picture of your finances and assess the situation. This leads to informed decision-making and life-changing clarity!

Fill it in

Your first step will be to create a copy of the spreadsheet to your own Google Drive account so you can fill in your data.

Save a copy to your Google Drive

After your purchase, you'll get immediate access to the spreadsheet template with a detailed guide and walkthrough video to help you get started!

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