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What's Included

A calculator to tell you exactly where your money needs to go when you get paid using percentages.

What it is

Income Disbursement Calculator


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How much money do I need to transfer to my different bank accounts this month?

How much do I need to save for taxes this month?

How much did my business make this month?

How much can I add to my salary savings account this month?

Questions this spreadsheet answers:


"I use these spreadsheets EVERY DAY to keep my team organized and on track with our goals."

Exactly how much money to transfer to each bank account for a specific time period. This is purely an in-the-moment calculator to make it easy to disburse your income to the corresponding bank accounts so that you don’t have to do the math 10 million times. 😉

What You'll Learn

This calculator makes it easy-peasy for you to calculate and separate your income using percentages. This calculator will tell you where all your funds should go, using categories customized to your business.

Why It's Important

Enter your information to see a clearer picture of your finances and assess the situation. This leads to informed decision-making and life-changing clarity!

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