What's Included

Your full suite of finance tools + templates built by a creative, for the creative brain so you can plan and project the numbers in your business with confidence and clarity.

What it is

The Ultimate Creative’s Spreadsheet Bundle


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$136 $68

Can I afford to.... (ex: buy this course, give myself a raise, upgrade my computer, hire a VA?)

What is my cost of doing business and are my prices covering those costs?

Can I afford to pay myself through my off-season?

How much am I actually making per hour?

How many of each offering do I need to sell in order to pay myself + cover my costs?

How much do I need to save for taxes?

JUST A FEW Questions this BUNDLE answers:


"These are the #1 tool I use (over and over) in my business to give me peace of mind for the future. I use these spreadsheets EVERY DAY to keep my team organized and on track with our goals. They are the difference between *thinking* you're financially set for the future and KNOWING."


You will learn the beauty and joy of knowing your numbers in a way that empowers you to make wise financial decisions, pay yourself confidently, save for taxes and profit with every single sale!

What You'll Learn

In order to run a profitable and sustainable business, you NEED to know what your expenses are, what you can and can’t afford and what you need to charge in order to make your ends meet. This is not something a bookkeeper or tax accountant does for you. This is the job of the CFO (chief financial officer), which is one of the million hats you wear as an entrepreneur. And you are SO CAPABLE of doing that job well even with a creative right-brain! You just need the right tools to simplify and streamline your numbers.

Why It's Important

Enter your information to see a clearer picture of your finances and assess the situation. This leads to informed decision-making and life-changing clarity!

Fill it in

Your first step will be to create a copy of the spreadsheet to your own Google Drive account so you can fill in your data.

Save a copy to your Google Drive

After your purchase, you'll get immediate access to the spreadsheet template with a detailed guide and walkthrough video to help you get started!

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How it Works


and dozens more!

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