4 Steps to Going Full Time


  1. I love these four steps, Val! I am trying to get better at using our personal budget this year!

  2. Yeisha Lee says:

    I recently cut my hours at work from 80 to 72 hours. May not seem like a lot but to me it was. I’m working on my budget and spending less.

  3. I went full time in my business in the past 4 months and this is an amazing checkup 🙂 I am definitely convicted to stay more accountable to my financing and spending. Thanks for the advice and insight, Val!

  4. Brooke says:

    I love this post! So inspirational, I am still a college student and working a total of 3 jobs, trying to make my dream of working for myself become a reality someday. This was so helpful, thank you so much!

    • vduvick says:

      Thanks Brooke!! You’ve got a lot on your plate, girl! Just keep working at it with intentionality and you’ll get there!! <3

  5. Lola T says:

    Thank you I am really struggling with taking this leap

  6. Alicia Wilkinson says:

    This is such great info! I’m currently getting my personal finances in check, then will begin to start saving. From the business aspect, I don’t have tons of time to complete the three projects that I’m working on, but am slowly chipping away at them.

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