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001: What I Pay Myself + 3 Tips to Simplify Your Salary

I’ve got a hot take for ya…if your business can’t afford to pay you, I don’t think you can really afford to be in business. If you’re struggling to pay yourself as a business owner, this episode is for you! Whether you’ve been in business for 10 minutes or 10 years, I want to encourage […]

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Why Creatives Struggle with Cash

“Math is just hard. And boring. I just don’t get it.”  “Numbers don’t compute in my brain and I honestly kind of hate spreadsheets.”  “I have a bookkeeper, and someone who does my taxes, so I’m good right?!” Sound familiar? 😅 I think you might be a creative, huh? 😉 So many creatives have all […]

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Finances, Goals + Growth

Why Investing in your Creative Business ≠ Success

If there’s one thing I know about creative entrepreneurs, it’s that we have PASSION. There’s something about identifying as a creative that I’m sure you’ve noticed… it’s a part of who you are and it eeks out of you…like when you’re a guest at a wedding and you notice every little detail…good and bad. 😅 […]

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Client Experience + Marketing

Success Stories: How Client Experience Helped Amanda Get Off the Hamster Wheel

I’m SO EXCITED for you to meet my client, Amanda of Studio A Designs, a boutique design company that creates strategic small-business branding to convert lookers into customers.  Amanda has been a designer for about 15 years and, like most of us, her business started as a side hustle.  “I just wanted to be home […]

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Time + Balance

Client Success Stories: How Systems + Boundaries Helped Courtney + Abbey Quit Their 9-5 With Confidence

Okay, friend, I’m excited about this one…  Meet Courtney and Abbey AKA Duo Collective, a boutique organic marketing agency specializing in social media marketing, branding, and SEO for small business owners and creative entrepreneurs.  The Duo started working for a large agency with household names and million-dollar budgets but found themselves burnt out and uninspired. […]

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